Welcome to Sales Programme.

We drive you qualified leads & help your sale team close them.

Our mission is to educate, inspire, and empower sales leaders to apply digital sales technologies and address modern buyers challenges.

At Sales Programme, we believe that leveraging digital sales technologies will advance you along the path to solve your sales challenges and will shift your sales teams’ mindset (1965 Salesman Approach) from an era of scarcity to one of abundance.

Our services empower salespeople and sales leaders with a new mindset, skillset, and network to build breakthrough sales organizations that leverage emerging digital sales technologies like artificial intelligence, sales and marketing automation.

In short, we’ll take your sales team to the next level.


“The New Digital Economy has new rules and the time has come to transform the way you sell.”

Aykan Raşitoğlu, Co-Founder of Sales Programme

We Have a Massive Transformative Purpose

We’re building a data-driven technology based digital selling process together.

Over the next 15 years, we’ll encounter some of the greatest transitions in sales that any sales generation has had to face. Technology is already affecting every part of modern buyers lives and these changes are accelerating rapidly.

Sales Leaders urgently need a new mindset and toolset to overcome the challenges of technological disruption.

We’re teaming up with some of the world’s most influential digital sales and marketing technology organizations and companies to serve sales leaders with latest trends, technologies and best practices.


“Companies who don't adapt their sales strategies digitally are leaving millions on the table for those who are.”

Bahar Sen, Co-Founder, Sales Programme

B2B Commerce Will Never Be the Same

Sales Programme was founded on the premise that the greatest modern buyer’s problems are the world’s greatest opportunities.

We deeply believe that the sales world has all the necessary ingredients to tackle our biggest challenges and create abundance for all. We have the visionaries, the leaders, the talents, the technologies, and the capital.

But we’re all familiar with the stereotype of the B2B salesperson — fighting over leads, working the phones, visiting clients, taking clients out to lunch.

While the stereotype is secure, the future of the profession is not. Because buyers have evolved and for the first time in history, the modern buyer is no longer dependent on salespeople for information.’

Forrester estimates that of the 4.5 million US workers employed in B2B sales and sales-related professions in 2012, 1 million, or just over 20% of all B2B salespeople, will be displaced by self-serve eCommerce by 2020. o you need to transform your people and process from

So, you need to transform your people and process from analog to digital.

When you combine people, process, digital, and governance, the possibility of impact becomes exponential. S

Sales Programme is a company that will help you to discover this exponential growth and will arm your business with the tools & talent it needs to achieve it.