Find B2B Top Performers for Digital Economy


Find B2B Top Performers for Digital Economy

In 2015 Only 57% of Sales People Made Their Quota

B2B buyer behavior has changed significantly in the past few years. B2B customers who are accustomed to buying on Amazon, now expect that same kind of customer experience in the world of B2B buying.

eCommerce Will Replace 1 Million US
B2B Salespeople By 2020


In 2020



of all Order Takers will disappear.


of all Explainers will be displaced.


of all Navigators will vanish.


Consultants will actually grow in number by 10%.

Every B2B company needs an IRON MAN for sustainable
and predictable growth.

As the best of the best within B2B selling, Top Performing Consultants are not under threat from advances in technology or changing B2B buyer behavior. They are most capable of relationship and solution selling, integrating themselves most effectively into the key functions of their clients’ business and engaging in “problem finding.”

Consultants will grow in number by 2020 because they understand how to leverage advances in technology to understand their customers’ problems better. They also adeptly navigate the more complicated “agreement networks” that are common place among certain B2B buyer groups.

Every B2B company needs an IRON MAN for sustainable and predictable growth.


4 Steps of Having Top Performers in a Digital Economy

Having top performing B2B sales people in Digital Economy requires combination of science, process, technology and training.


Identify DNA of your company – top performers and modern buyer’s in a scientific way to design right recruitment process.


Don’t hire a recruiting agency. Don’t build a corporate recruiting team. Build a recruiting agency within your corporation.


Find incredible salespeople by having an ongoing, passive recruiting and technology strategy.


A ride-along sales training strategy is neither scalable nor predictable. Define the sales methodology enables you to scale predictably.

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