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Sample Onboarding Plan For Sales Hub

Assistance with the strategic and technical aspects of getting Sales Hub up and running.


Prepare to Meet Your Sales Targets

Switching CRMs can be a little confusing and overwhelming for reps and managers alike. Our objective is always to make this switch as smooth as it can be and we do this by providing a detailed plan of how to get started. Here is an example of an onboarding plan to help you grasp what to expect when experiencing the onboarding process as a Sales Hub Professional customer.

Generally speaking, the onboarding process takes as little as 2 months - with some completing it even quicker - during which time we concentrate on meeting your top 3 objectives. Given that onboarding is dependent on your objectives, our team will create a structure for the process, with your needs being fully prioritised. As part of this plan, we’ll give our full attention to interactions with potential customers, sales process automation and the creation of a highly personalised, scalable process.

See the example shown below.

Example of an Onboarding Plan For Sales Hub Professional Customers

As part of the onboarding process, you’ll engage closely with a dedicated consultant from SalesProgramme who will work with you to realise both your short and long-term objectives. Your expert SalesProgramme rep is your de facto project manager who’s accountable for meeting your goals, as well as training on best practice for growth.



Getting Up & Running

Technical & Account Setup

When getting you set up, we’ll begin proceedings by giving you a proper understanding of HubSpot basics. It’s a large platform, featuring many tools and if you want to get the best out of them, it’s important that you comprehend these basics and how all the tools work in relation to each other. In addition to showing you the fundamentals of HubSpot, we will provide insight into setup tasks like:

  • Review of current lead management & CRM systems
  • Importing notes, deals, companies & contacts into HubSpot
  • HubSpot tracking code installation on your website
  • Setting up of deal currencies
  • Configuring your personal settings & profile
  • Setting up of external integrations
  • Connecting up your personal e-mail inbox
  • Creation data storage custom properties
  • Inviting team members



Your First Objective Priority

Allows Prospects to Connect, Their Way

What gets covered:
  • In what way are you communicating with potential customers right now? Which is the best method for your team?
  • Which are your prospects’ preferred channels of communication?
  • How are sales team meetings booked by potential customers?
  • Which methods are being used to email prospects?
You’ll get help with:
  • The integration of web page live chat features.
  • Knowing how best to answer questions posed by prospects.
  • Connecting up your calendar with your emails, enabling prospects to book appointments with you.
  • Implementation of email scheduling that allows automated messages to be sent at the ideal time.
  • Send emails to potential customers from within HubSpot CRM.



Your Second Objective Priority

Get Your Sales Processes Automated

What gets covered:
  • How does your existing sales process look? Are there any elements that could improve?
  • Which regions and territories are covered by your team?
  • How are your deal pipelines made up in terms of stages?
  • What tasks do your sales team carry out on a daily basis?
  • What automatic system do you have for rotating and assigning leads to reps?
You’ll get help with:
  • Creation of deal stages for pipeline automation processes.
  • Tailor your deal pipelines in line with your sales process.
  • Delivering new tasks that allow sales reps to meet their daily goals more efficiently.
  • Confirmation that properties for the deal stage are ready.
  • Setting up of automatic sales processes through workflow extensions.
  • Rotation automation for sales rep leads.
  • Discovering how other HubSpot tools are integrated with the platform.



Your Third Objective Priority

Scalable, personalised outreach.

What gets covered
  • How is your outreach currently personalised?
  • Are you currently leveraging outreach via one-to-one video
  • What’s the preferred outreach method of your personas?
  • In what way are non-responsive prospects followed up?
  • What optimisation ideas do you have for raising your response rate from prospects?
  • How are quotes sent and received from deals that are closed?
You’ll get help with:
  • Leveraging the power of one-to-one video in outreach for better rates of response.
  • Integrating videos into emails sent from your CRM.
  • Creation of sequence queues that auto follow-up with potential customers, sparing you from this laborious manual task.
  • Utilising email personalisation tokens to get those emails sent more quickly.
  • Using the meetings tool to eliminate the communication to’s & fro’s involved in meeting setup.
  • Quote setup to close deals more quickly.
  • Product library setup to include the products/services you sell.




Onboarding completion & Transition

As we near the end of the onboarding process, we’ll collaborate with you to identify your next objectives. You’ll be moved over to your  Customer Success Manager whose job it is to ensure that you thrive when using the platform. Should you be after more ‘hands-on’ assistance in technical and strategic matters, our professional services represent the next logical step.

Have a chat with our sales team

Need some questions that need answering? Want to go deeper into the subject? If so, then book a meeting with SalsProgramme to ensure that you have everything required to achieve success with HubSpot.