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Rebuilding Email Templates

HubSpot-Optimised Bespoke email templates.

Not completely happy with your existing email templates? Why send the HubSpot team an HTML or PSD file and they’ll rebuild one of your current templates. This service is ideal for those who require their most frequently sent emails skilfully created within the tool. It’s also great for anyone needing bespoke designs over and above what you get with HubSpot’s regular templates. We’ll empower you to create your own stunning-looking branded emails with HubSpot.

  • 1 bespoke email template build that’s based on your provided design (HTML or PSD file required).
  • Your email will be created within HubSpot Design Manager with both custom and default modules. You’ll get an optimised template that you can use with HubSpot’s classic email editing software, meaning that it’s not going to be Drag-and-drop-editor-compatible.
  • We don’t offer design-focused consultations, so you must provide your chosen email design.

HubSpot’s Design Manager software will be used to create your email template and to reduce the amount of required custom code, custom & default modules are used.

While we aim to create a design that’s as close to your existing style as we can, it might not match it exactly. We also aim to ensure your template views well on every major email client available, there could be some appearance variation depending on the email client being used. Specifically, not every kind of email client will support:

  • Custom fonts
  • Background images
  • Custom styles that usually work well on web pages
Important Information
Cost: £410
Delivery: Remote
Level: Enterprise & Marketing Pro
Email Template Rebuild

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