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Onboarding For CMS Hub

Get help with the technical part of setting up HubSpot CMS with your website, as well as receiving actionable assistance in using HubSpot’s CMS to evaluate, optimise and enhance the experience offered by your site. With a fully-tailored plan for onboarding that’s aligned with your tech stack and business objectives we’re with you throughout the journey.


Overview of Onboarding for CMS Hub

Our team will empower you to fully leverage the power of CMS Hub by showing you how to SEO-optimise, put effective lead conversations paths into place and educate you on the best way to create & edit content for your website hosted by HubSpot. Everything, as always, is with your business goals front and centre!

As part of the Onboarding for CMS Hub process, you umay get assistance with:

Starter Professional Enterprise Advanced
Managing your website & data in HubSpot
Blog & website optimisation
Creating a content strategy
Paths for capturing & converting leads
Website & traffic analytics
CMS memberships
Creation of custom reports by branding domain, site performance & KP tracking
Best practises & tools for website security/speed
Partitioning of content
Dynamic page testing
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Need More Advanced CMS Hub Assistance?

If you’re in need of more advanced assistance with CMS Hub, you can get both technical and strategic help from SalesProgramme.

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Interested in Knowing More? Allow us to find the ideal onboarding plan that suits your needs perfectly.


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