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Create landing pages, forms, live chat functionality and more with HubSpot’s marketing Hub that allows you to attract the right customers and closely monitor your conversion performance.

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Marketing Tools That Grow As You Do

Begin with our free tools and move to paid options as you scale or get stuck in and take advantage of one of HubSpot’s premium level services.


100% free. No credit card required.

Popular features
  • Email marketing
  • Forms
  • Landing pages
  • Live chat
  • Facebook, Instagram, Google & LinkedIn ads
  • Contact management

Starting at $45/month

Popular features
  • Everything in Free
  • Simple form follow-up emails
  • Ad retargeting
  • Landing page reporting
  • Multiple currencies
  • HubSpot branding removed

Starting at $800/month

Popular features
  • Everything in Starter
  • Marketing automation
  • SEO
  • Blog
  • Social media
  • Custom reporting

Starting at $3,200/month

Popular features
  • Everything in Professional
  • Account-based marketing
  • Adaptive testing
  • Predictive lead scoring
  • User roles
  • Multi-touch revenue attribution

Every Data & Marketing Tool - All In One Place

Marketing in the modern world can be tricky, with many tasks to complete and powerful tools that you need a pHD to use. The result is typically disparate data about your customers, ineffective marketing and excessive amounts of time spent trying to work out how to operate software. There is another way.

Marketing Hub brings all your data and marketing tools together on one intuitive dashboard. Save time and effort while getting the insight you need to offer a highly personalized customer journey that delivers high conversion rates, no matter how big your organisation

You can get everything you need from HubSpot yourself,
but we’re still available for assistance when needed.

You only work it out for yourself if you want to!


Round-the-Clock Support

Our proven support team is always on hand to answer technical queries via phone, email or live chat - depending on the plan you’re on.



Launch faster using tailored onboarding plans & enjoy improved ROI through continuous consultation, premium-level training & technical services.


Educational Content

From online training to blogs, the HubSpot platform offers a wide range of complimentary educational content that allows your entire team to develop.

Focusing All Your Marketing Power

Attractive content potential clients love & can’t ignore.


Get more leads out your site visitors with a personal approach that scales as you do.


Transform data into meaningful strategies thatthat hit their mark


Attract and convert more leads with HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing software.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does marketing software do?

It allows you to interact with and convert potential customers via automatic, dynamic, multi-channel campaigns while being able to track your strategy’s performance. It also helps you to provide content, create impressive customer journeys and implement targeted ads. What’s more, it improves team collaboration & sales performance by providing a single reference point for all your tools, data and marketing assets

Regardless of how big your company is, your marketing activities will soar with the functionality provided by HubSpot software.

What will marketing software from HubSpot cost me?

To give it its official name, Marketing Hub is free of charge to begin with, however if you require more advanced functionality to help you scale and automate your marketing activities, you can take advantage of HubSpot’s paid features as part of the Starter, Professional & Enterprise packages.

Can HubSpot easily integrate with 3rd party tools like Salesforce?

Actually, yes. Marketing Hub connects together to form a two-way sync that allows changes in one to be reflected in the other. You have the choice to decide exactly which records sync where and when, as well as sharing vital lead intel with everyone in your sales team, so they have context they need to finalise more deals. It’s also possible to save time for your sales team by sending scored leads from one platform to the other..

Should you not be a Salesforce user, there are in excess of 940 separate custom integrations to be found in HubSpot’s marketplace. This makes it simple to integrate your most-used tools into the platform in no time at all.

Is it possible to customise data using Marketing Hub Free Edition?

Sadly not with the free service, but when choosing Marketing Hub’s Enterprise edition, custom objects can be created to meet your business CRM data requirements. You get to enjoy total freedom in determining the properties of the object, as well as which others are linked to it.

What sets Marketing Hub apart from its competitors?

Marketing Hub is not an add-on to HubSpot’s CRM, rather it was created at the same time. That means it’s better equipped to help you achieve growth. All your data and tools are centralised, so no more waste time trying to connect disparate reports together. It packs a punch, offers a simple UX and can be sync with almost 1,000 custom integrations...what’s not to love?

Do you get good customer support with HubSpot?

Not only is HubSpot’s support team available to assist you whenever you need them to be, but they’ve won awards for it. Struggling to set your team up? Not sure how workflows are created? Don’t worry, as Starter clients can get help via email and live chat. Upgrade to the Enterprise or Professional packages and you also get round-the-clock support over the phone!

Which of Marketing Hub’s features is most popular with customers?

There are many available, but the features customers love most are being able to:

  • Create automated, personalised marketing strategies
  • Use analytics & reporting to monitor your marketing performance
  • Enjoy control of all your social media profiles from one location
  • Create & host web pages & blogs that have been optimised for SEO
  • Get every member of your team on the same page, using the same tools

Does Marketing Hub Software take long to implement?

With Marketing Hub, you’re up and running as soon as you’ve provided access for your team to the relevant tools. Features like analytics, email marketing and blog creation are available from the moment you’re logged in.

If you’re after more advanced features like SEO or ad tracking, it might take you a little longer to get going. If this is the case, all that’s required is to integrate whichever platform you’re currently using and let your team in. It’s that easy!

What’s Marketing Hub like in terms of reporting?

Thanks to Market Hub’s attribution reporting features, all your marketing efforts can be accurately associated with open and close deals. That way, you’ll know where your best revenue sources are. HubSpot allows you to track pretty much any metric you desire, including data gained from embedded apps. All this is viewable from your intuitive dashboards that also allows you to share reports easily.

Is resource marketing possible with HubSpot?

Absolutely! The platform’s partners provide support that allows you to get the utmost out of HubSpot, teach you how to realise your marketing ambitions and assist you as much as is required. They’ll even assist with your site’s migration or redesign!

Are all these awesome features really free?

100%, yes! The free tools you get from HubSpot don’t expire after 7 days and you won’t need to give us your payment details either? You get unlimited users, up to 1 million contacts and all without a time limit. When you grow, HubSpot can grow with you and THAT’s when our paid services come into play.

How does Marketing Hub fit in with HubSpot’s other services?

Whether talking about CMS Hub, Operations Hub or Sales Hub, they’re all part of one overall CRM platform that allows business to grow faster. When leveraging the power of multiple hubs together, all lead data is seamlessly tracked from first contact, right the way through to the finished deal.