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Migration Services

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The migrations team at SalesProgramme provides an array of services that are suited to a range of business needs. These services range from the provision of personalised themes that fit your current branding and website to offering comprehensive website migration support. We’ll use our knowledge to identify the best service to get you started with HubSpot’s full suite of tools.
  • template
    Setting up Templates

    The migration experts at SalesProgramme can develop landing page, website and blog templates within HubSpot that have the same look & style as your existing site.

  • Migration of Blogs
    Blog Migration

    HubSpot Migration specialists are able to reproduce your current blog inside HubSpot, keeping the content and style of your blog inline with your branding.

  • Website-Migration
    Migrating Your Website

    Migration experts at SalesProgramme can reproduce your current website inside the platform, recreating your current content and website style perfectly.

  • Asset
    Asset Migration

    Your Migration specialist will ensure you have the necessary foundations required to move your current marketing automation setup into HubSpot.

  • mail
    Rebuild Email Templates

    HubSpot’s migration experts are able to create bespoke, platform-optimised email templates for you to use.

  • Premium-Consulting

    If you want to successfully meet your migration objectives, the HubSpot Migrations specialists can provide personalised assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can’t be migrated?

Here are a few examples of the features & content that HubSpot isn’t able to migrate:

  • Members-only or Login areas
  • Pages driven by databases
  • Image-based menus, mega menus or menus that feature non-linked content (paragraph content or descriptions)
  • Ecommerce features & functionality
  • Server-side script-based features like calculators
  • Non-.swf video files e.g. .wmv, .mp4, .mov, .flv etc.
  • Ratings, forums & other user-generated content
  • Forms that require personally-identifiable data to be entered
  • Live chat boxes
  • Most types of adverts
  • Progressive/logic forms
  • Comments made by blog readers will not be moved over from your current blog to your blog in HubSpot. 3rd-party comment-features like Facebook commenting and Disqus are also not able to be migrated.
  • Dealer locators
  • Listings & search for real estate if site-managed
  • Flash navigation, flash websites & Flash with numerous associated files/embedded links

Is there any that may change during migration?

  • Specific pop-ups, anchor tags, tables & rollover effects
  • Exact column widths, spacing & unusual fonts
  • Responsive layouts

Why is a live URL required?

When providing a URL to HubSpot’s migration experts, it needs to be for a live site in order that we can access CSS and HTML used on it, with a view to reproducing the content in the platform

Can a staging site be submitted?

Absolutely, it’s possible to provide a live URL for a staging site.

Is it possible to submit a page with password protection?

Of course, on the proviso that the password is provided.

Are you able to give my blog the same look/feel as the HubSpot blog?

No. Our team will reproduce your exact blog with the platform.

I’d like to change the design of my website as part of the migration. Are you able to help me with this?

Sadly not. The HubSpot Migrations team will reproduce your existing design/format, but no redesigning gets done. Should you require a redesign, our advice would be to complete it before starting the migration to HubSpot or choose a HubSpot partner who’s able to do both at the same time.

I need HubSpot Professional Migration Services. Which CMS Hub edition do I need?

CMS Hub Enterprise & Hub Professional customers get help with website migrations, blog migration and template setup. CMS Hub Starter users are able to use the platform’s tools to import their site’s structure and blog content. Discover more here.

Learn more about HubSpot Professional Services

Like the idea of having a HubSpot Migration expert as a partner? Let’s have a chat!

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