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Sample Onboarding Plan For Marketing Hub

Need strategic & technical assistance setting up Marketing Hub & using it? No problem.


Prepare to hit your marketing targets

Here we give you an example of how the process works when experiencing onboarding as a Marketing Hub Professional customer. Usually, customers get to complete the onboarding process within 12 weeks - some doing it even more quickly - and we concentrate on achieving as many as three of your main objectives. Due to onboarding being influenced by your goals, our team will create an onboarding structure that prioritizes your primary requirements. Our plan example shows a prioritization of a number of goals to include: personalizing & automating your marketing, as well as interacting with, nurturing and converting potential leads.

See our plan example below

Example of an Onboarding Plan For Marketing Hub Professional Users

When going through onboarding, you’ll collaborate with your personal HubSpot consultant to create a roadmap to achieve your short and long-term objectives. Your expert consultant will take care of project management and ensure your team is held accountable for hitting your targets. They’ll also help the process by providing advice on the best way to grow faster with HubSpot Marketing Hub.



Getting started

Technical & Account Setup

To ensure you get off to a good start on the road to marketing success, the HubSpot team will begin by teaching you the HubSpot fundamentals. It’s a huge platform featuring many tools, and to leverage them fully, you must first grasp the basics and how each tool fits together with the others. In addition to this, we’ll also help you with the setup tasks, like:

  • Team member invitations
  • Settings configuration & subdomain connections
  • Tracking code installation & internal traffic filtering
  • CAN-SPAM and email-sending-domain setup
  • Importing all your notes, opt-out lists, tickets, deals, companies & contacts
  • Configuration of email types
  • Social media account linking
  • Integration consideration



First Goal Priority

Capturing leads & converting them

What gets covered:
  • Your ideal buyer persona
  • Identifying what your existing customers look like
  • How are leads captured right now on your site?
  • Are there any forms existing on your website? If yes, what kind of data is being collected?
  • Are you running LinkedIn, Google or Facebook ads at the moment? If yes, what does your current ad strategy focus on?
  • Which factors are crucial during lead qualification?
  • What elements separate marketing opportunities from qualified leads?
What you’ll get help with:
  • Creation of buyer personas, to allow you to understand the various target audiences in your database
  • Definition of every lifecycle stage in line with your qualifications
  • Forms/pop-up form exploration for those nice quick wins.
  • Custom property creation to enable lead qualification when forms are filled out.
  • Lead scoring setup



Second Goal Priority

Interacting With & Nurturing Leads

What gets covered:
  • What method are you currently using to assign leads?
  • How fast are leads being assigned?
  • Are you using email automation currently? If yes, how?
  • What number of emails does each lead receive?
  • When segmenting contacts, how are you doing it e.g. by opportunities, leads, customers or something else?
What you’ll get help with:
  • Mapping out of the flow of your nurturing process in a way that accounts for your tools.
  • Definition of stages of lifecycle to make sure that contacts pass through different paths, depending on what stage they're at.
  • Creation of the flow series experienced by new leads.



Third Goal Priority

Marketing Automation & Personalisation

What gets covered:
  • Is email automation already set up? If yes, what process is used?
  • What does your existing marketing look like?
  • Do you have any imminent campaigns in the pipeline?
  • Which method is being used currently to segment contact?
  • Which other elements are you automating? Which other elements would you like to automate in the future?
  • Do certain segments require different types of data?
What you’ll get help with:
  • Identification of manual jobs that could benefit from automation in HubSpot, as well as workflow, list, smart content development automation for time savings.
  • Smart content exploration to provide extra value to your target demographic.
  • Connecting up your ad and social media tools & task automation.
  • Custom property use for target list building. We’ll teach you how to translate this into a target workflow or smart content email.




Onboarding Completion & Transition

As onboarding completion nears, our team will work with you to identify your post-onboarding goals. You’ll then transition to your customer success owner who’s job it is to make sure you thrive. However, if you need more advanced technical or strategic assistance after onboarding, HubSpot’s Professional services are there for you.

Talk to Speak With Sales

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