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Onboarding Plan For Service Hub

Strategic & technical setup assistance for Service Hub.


Prepare Yourself to Hit Your Customer Service Targets

The secret of business success and growth lies in customer satisfaction, so let’s ensure that you’re up and running with Service Hub and your clients are telling everyone about your superb service. This represents an example plan to assist you in grasping what to expect when onboarding as a Service Hub Professional customer.

Usually, Service Hub customers are able to complete the onboarding process within 8 weeks, however, some get it done even more quickly, with our team concentrating on up to three of your main objectives. Onboarding is highly dependent on those objectives, so we’ll create an onboarding plan that takes your objectives into account.

In this example plan, the following objectives will be prioritised: offering customer delight as you grow, allowing customers to help themselves and monitor/enhance the customer experience offered.

See the plan example below.

Example Plan For Service Hub Professional Users

When going through the onboarding process, you get your very own HubSpot consultant who’ll work with you to create a roadmap to achieving both your short & long-term objectives. Your HubSpot specialist will be your project management, with a responsibility to ensure that your team achieves its goals and offer ongoing advice that allows you to scale more effectively with HubSpot.



Getting started

Technical & Account Setup

In order to empower you to achieve service success, the process will begin with you getting a grasp of HubSpot fundamentals. For sure, it’s a big platform and there are many tools to use, but to get the most out of them, it requires a knowledge of the basics, as well as each tool complements the others. In addition to assisting you in understanding the basics of HubSpot, we’ll help you with a number of setup jobs to include:

  • Setting each of your team as Service Hub users
  • Getting HubSpot’s tracking code installed on your site
  • Connecting Conversations to shared team emails
  • Adding/connecting subdomains to your knowledge base
  • Embedding/editing website support forms
  • Getting tickets and/or contacts imported into HubSpot
  • Configuration of notification preferences for your conversations
  • Creation of a form for collecting customer tickets



First Goal Priority

Keep Delighting Customers as You Grow

What gets covered:
  • How are customer support tickets/issues currently being collected?
  • What measures do you use to ensure tickets don’t get lost?
  • Are there any additional processes you want to manage via tickets?
  • Do you have other departments that will be using tickets? Do you want them using the same pipeline or would it be better if they had one of their own?
What you’ll get help with:
  • Where possible, auto-ticket assignment setup so they get allotted to a rep the moment they get created.
  • Workflow setup for switching tickets to a different stage, creation of jobs for the owner of the tickets and ticket property updates.
  • Using your service functions as a base, we’ll examine pipeline creation in order to manage each one e.g. there could be separate pipelines for account management, project management and onboarding.
  • Optimization of your team’s process stages and service pipelines



Second Goal Priority

Empowering customers to help themselves

What gets covered:
  • Do you have a knowledge base at present?
  • What method do your customers use to answer questions?
  • How long does it take for you to reply to your customer queries?
  • Do your sales/support teams usually end up answering the same questions time and again?
  • Do multiple services, customer segments, topics and products need to be supported by your customers?
What you’ll get help with:
  • Comprehending how to go about moving your current knowledge base across to HubSpot or building a new one.
  • Optimising your knowledge base for customer delight and Google Search.
  • Creation of categories/sub-categories that allow users to more easily navigate your knowledge base.
  • The gathering & implementation of feedback suggestions for your knowledge base with a view to enhancing the customer experience.
  • Optimal website placement of your knowledge base to make it simpler to locate at the right moments.
  • Knowledge base video uploads to provide a visual aid for your customers



Third Goal Priority

Evaluate & Enhance the Customer Experience

What gets covered:
  • How frequently is customer feedback collected?
  • If you’re not gathering feedback, why is that?
  • Are reviews ever left online about you? Are you aware of the way reviews can significantly enhance the impression you offer online?
  • What method do you use to gauge how happy your customers are?
What you’ll get help with:
  • Creation of loyalty surveys (NPS) to gauge how customers view your company.
  • Auto-sending of customer effort surveys (CES) when closing tickets.
  • Setup of a workflow trigger that sends CSAT (customer satisfaction surveys) that offer more thorough insight into how you’re doing.
  • Auto-outreach that activates when a customer isn’t happy & encourages feedback from satisfied customers.
  • Employing marketing and/or sales CSAT surveys e.g. sending of CSAT surveys after deals are finalised, events are hosted or when customers have remained loyal for a particular period of time.




Onboarding Finalisation & Transition

When the onboarding process nears its end, we’ll work together to find out what your objectives will be after it’s finished. After completion, you’ll be handed off to your own customer success specialist who’s job it is to make sure you’re successful on the HubSpot platform. Then, if you’re in need of more advanced technical or strategic advice, HubSpot Professional services exist to give you the help you need.

Speak to Sales

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